Randy Cooper Models & Design

Building Resin kits for 10 years.

For more than 20 years Randy Cooper has been a highly respected scale model builder. His ability to recreate some of sci-fi’s most enduring designs as well as bringing to life his own amazing creations is unparalleled.

Randy’s professional work includes Stargate,  Starship Troopers, Ironman 2,  Men in Black,

Spiderman 2,  A.I. and Bicentennial Man.

You can view some of the things that Randy has created over the years here – The Many Works of Randy Cooper.

From his workshop in Florida, Randy is now creating limited runs of a variety of science fiction models that you can purchase.  You can reach me at: (nurnys@yahoo.com).


Hello. I'm surer a lot of you who still look at my website are wondering why I haven't posted on the Avenger lately.. We just moved out of state. And re-setting up our house and shop.. We bought  a nice house with a huge basement undeneath, which has it's own garage door. So we've been unpacking, trying to it it home. I'm getting a lot of new tables and work benches.. Here's some photos.



Retooled Avengerfinished!

I decided  to make some changes to my SD kit. After looking  through photo's of the studio model. I'm accurizing the hull shapes to 8 foot version. The kit I made some 10 years ago, the hull is in proportions to to ANH version.. So for those of you who have the old one, you don't have to get upset.. And for those who will get upset. All I ask you to think about is, do you contact I-Phone HP or Mack for putting out a new and better phone or computer every year? After 10 years. It's time for an overhaul! The price is yet TBD.


Send me an e-mail, (nurnys@yahoo.com) and let you know when I'm ready to take orders.                                                   The price is approx. $690 USD.  Watch my  website below for updates..

SW Rebels/rogue 1/ Ghost Variant Kit                          $380 USD.    order now.

Go to  "model kits"  to see more photos.                                                                                                                                         Contact me at : [nurnys@yahoo.com] for shipping prices. I'll need your address for shipping prices.



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The molds are done. And I'm now filling orders! 

Contact me at : [nurnys@yahoo.com] for shipping prices.