Randy Cooper Models & Design

Building Resin kits for 10 years.

For more than 20 years Randy Cooper has been a highly respected scale model builder. His ability to recreate some of sci-fi’s most enduring designs as well as bringing to life his own amazing creations is unparalleled.

Randy’s professional work includes Stargate,  Starship Troopers, Ironman 2,  Men in Black,

Spiderman 2,  A.I. and Bicentennial Man.

You can view some of the things that Randy has created over the years here – The Many Works of Randy Cooper.

From his workshop in Tennesse,  Randy is now creating limited runs of a variety of science fiction models that you can purchase.  You can reach me at: (nurnys@yahoo.com).


Radiant 7  kit

I'm now take names for the re-release for the 24" Radiant 7. Please PM me if your interested. (I don't know the scale. If you know, please share). Give me 3 weeks for clean up and update the patterns.The price is $350 USD.

Contact me at nurnys@yahoo.com for more information..


the 1/1500 scale (42" long) is finished!        See model kits for more information!


New video on the Avenger. go to my "video links to watch.


I'M HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE, I'M TAKING ORDERS for the retooled avenger kit .
So please send me an e-mail (nurnys@yahoo.com).

Price $775 USD   (Shipping not included).

Hello everyone.
I thought I'd share with you the currant events on the move to Tennessee.  I'm  back to work on the kit this week. I finished the last molds.  Cast the display model parts, and the molds worked out fine.. I have to remold the front piece of the command tower. It's been a long hall on the new house and re-setting up the new shop. I pretty much started from scratch rebuilding the new shop. (see photos) . As far as the house, The people who lived here before us were not very clean. we spent weeks getting the cat piss smell out.. We had to rip out all the carpet also for the same reason. We're in the process of repainting.. People here in Tennessee really like the color yellow for an interior color.. YUK!.. Watch my website or FB page for progress on the Avenger. Once I get the display piece assembled for the directions, (I won't make everyone wait for the finished paint work). I'll start making and sending out kits




Hello. Now that I'm back in business!



hd videos on the avenger retool.


SW Rebels/rogue 1/ Ghost Variant Kit                          $380 USD.    order now.

Go to  "model kits"  to see more photos.                                                                                                                                         Contact me at : [nurnys@yahoo.com] for shipping prices. I'll need your address for shipping prices.



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The molds are done. And I'm now filling orders! 

Contact me at : [nurnys@yahoo.com] for shipping prices.