Randy Cooper Models & Design

Building Resin kits for 10 years.

For more than 20 years Randy Cooper has been a highly respected scale model builder. His ability to recreate some of sci-fi’s most enduring designs as well as bringing to life his own amazing creations is unparalleled.

Randy’s professional work includes Stargate,  Starship Troopers, Ironman 2,  Men in Black,

Spiderman 2,  A.I. and Bicentennial Man.

You can view some of the things that Randy has created over the years here – The Many Works of Randy Cooper.

From his workshop in Florida, Randy is now creating limited runs of a variety of science fiction models that you can purchase.  You can reach me at: (nurnys@yahoo.com).

I Pulled the patterns out for the re-issue of the "Corillian Corvette". It's my own design from the SW universe.

It's 19" long (1:96th scale). I'm taking orders for it now. I'll need 10 orders guaranteed to make it.

I'm selling it for $290 USD (NOTE: Don't pre-order it if you think you'll change your mind. or not have the funds later. It'll be ready for molding next week.

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CORILLIAN CORVETTE/Gunship KIT                                                                 $320 USD  .

I pulled the patterns out for the re-issue of the "Corillian Corvette/Gunship ". 

It can be built as a gunship or the Corvette.

( My own SW design). It's 19" long (1:96th scale) and comes with a base.

Parts are cast in clear so you can light it.I'm taking orders now for it. 
I need 10 orders Guaranteed, to make it. 

Contact me at  (nurnys@yahoo.com)

Price TBA.

SW Rebs "Ghost" ship Kit.

This kit should be ready for pre-orders in 2 weeks

Contact me at : [nurnys@yahoo.com] for shipping prices.

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The molds are done. And I'm now filling orders! 

Contact me at : [nurnys@yahoo.com] for shipping prices.