Randy Cooper Models & Design

Building Resin kits for 10 years.

For more than 20 years Randy Cooper has been a highly respected scale model builder. His ability to recreate some of sci-fi’s most enduring designs as well as bringing to life his own amazing creations is unparalleled.

Randy’s professional work includes Stargate,  Starship Troopers, Ironman 2,  Men in Black,

Spiderman 2,  A.I. and Bicentennial Man.

You can view some of the things that Randy has created over the years here – The Many Works of Randy Cooper.

From his workshop in Tennesse,  Randy is now creating limited runs of a variety of science fiction models that you can purchase.  You can reach me at: (nurnys@yahoo.com).  It's paid in full,  

I'M RUNNING A 1 WEEK SUMMER KIT SALE! AVENGER SD, SAND CRAWLER, REBELS GHOST CLASSIC BR SPINNER. The photo's have the reduced prices on them. (NOTE: I haven't sold These kits in over 30 days, So any previous buyers don't get pissed. I'm not best buy or Amazon, and will send you a price match refund).

1/12 scale K Spinner coming soon!

I'm now taking a pre-order list names for the K-Spinner. The price will be in the neighborhood of $400 usd. It will be lightable, sold by Voodoofx.com. It will have a display base, which I haven't designed yet. seated Figure will be available from an outside seller. I don't know what their prices will be. I think they're going to do a standing figure as well. email me at (nurnys@yahoo.com) (All lower caps).

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1/12th scale K Spinner kit on the horizon!

1/12th scale makes it 17” long. Watch my post for progress



The dove model kit                                                                This new original design model will be 1/24th scale (16" long). It's based on an older model I built back in the 1980s. Price is yet to be DETERMINED.

E-mail me at (nurnys@yahoo.com) for more information. Thank you.

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the 1/1500 scale (42" long) is finished!        See model kits for more information!

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New video on the Avenger. go to my "video links to watch.



hd videos on the avenger retool.

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