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I've worked in the film industry for more than 16 years. The following is the list of movies that I've worked on in some capacity or another. I've included links to photos from the work that I did when I have the photos. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of pics that I used to have a while back that were on my computer.

Bicentenial Man - Robin Williams Suit

Gentlemen Broncos - Model Builder

Ironclad - Model Maker

Ironman 2 - props/ mark2 interior tech

Spiderman 2 - Doctor Octopus suit/- co-design/ builder

Terminator 3 - Flying Hunter Killer


A.I. - Flesh Fair scene/ robots

Alien 3 - Model Builder

AMC Midnight Movie Express 1&2 - Model Builder

Batman Returns - Model Builder

Chronicles of Riddick - Weapons Design and Builder

Flight of the Phoenix - Model Builder

Mafia - Model Builder

Men in Black - props/ford P.O.S.

Muppet Wizard of Oz - Flying Monkey Motor Cycles

No Way Back (Russell Crowe) - Model Builder

Solar Crisis - 1st Hollywood job

Stargate - Model Builder

Starship Troopers - Model Builder

Team America - Model Builder