Randy Cooper Models & Design

Building Resin kits for 10 years.

Here you can see various videos I put on you tube featuring various models I've built.


Gemini 12/Jupiter 2 project: The Interior!

Back to the Future iii time Train

This is the Moebius 1/35  model, of the "Fantastic Voyage" Proteus.  I did extra work to make it a bit more accurate. This isn't a kit I sell. I thuoght I'd share this with you.

Progress on the retooled Avenger. Lighting.

MLEV Mars Hopper


galileo 7


Corellian Gunship


sw rebels  Ghost


The Time Machine

29" Hasbr Falcon

B.R. Spinner


the Phoenix

37" Battlestar Galactica


Avenger Star Destroyer


Blockade Runner.


Sand Crawler.


Explorers Thunder road


E.T. buildup.


Radiant 7


M.L.E.V. Hopper buildup.


Weathering  Technic.


Casting a BR Spinner