Randy Cooper Models & Design

Building Resin kits for 10 years.

I forgot about this job.. I rented some of my models out for this Spice girls  " Spice Up Your Life"  video.. 


On this page is photo's of various movie/ TV and commercials I worked on through the years.

The first work I did was a small effect house, here in Florida called Frank's garage. Frank would later move to L.A. and talk me into moving out there, Which changed my life.. Thanks Frank. Here's just a sample of the work I did there. Like the AMC Midnight Movie Express commercials,

"Dead Men Don't Die", "Suburban Commando"

"Starship Troopers"

"Batman returns".

"Solar Crisis"

Steve Johnson's Creature shop. I worked on numeerous jobs there. But 2 of them stick out the most for me..

"Bicentennial man"

"Spiderman 2"

 "No Way Back"  This was Russell Crowe's first american film.. He doesn't have it listed in his bio. 

I was hired to to make this Delorian into the BTTF time machine. The other is a commission job of the BTTF 3 train

"Nicolus" A failed project.  Very promising start as you can see.. 

I Worked at Stan Winston Studios/ Legacy Studios. Here's some photo's. 

"Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines".

"Ironman 2"

"Stargate". the origianal.

"Chronicle of Riddik", I didn't work on the lenser helmet.

Various miniatures, Props for Movies, commercials, Cd album covers. The elevator shaft is from "Speed".

"Gentlemen Broncos"

"HENRI"  (aka HENRI 2.0)

Stargate films

Creative Arts. Foam carving.